Wednesday, January 14, 2009


MESHA/ Aries
Rahu is transiting from your 11 th house to your 10 th house and Ketu is transiting from your 5 th house to 4 th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009).
11 th house is the indicator of profits. Rahu might have given foreign income and sudden benefits. Rahu was giving benefit all these days and Ketu will take the responsibilities hereafter. Don't be hasty in doing things. You have to plan things in advance. Consult those who are really experienced. Be a patient listener. Do not ignore others due to your ego. Try to talk in a polite manner.
10th house indicates job/career/occupation. Responsibilities may increase. Rahu also indicates change of place. You are likely to go abroad officially. You may have a hike and promotion.
You will gain confidence along with courage and real boldness, which are truly needed for your deeds. Incidents that make you proud will happen. Seniors will appreciate you.
Be careful not to hurt anyone - especially at the work spot.
You might have had to postpone certain offerings and pilgrimage trips, which will be fulfilled without any hurdles. Children might have given tension. Even that will come to an end, as children realize their responsibilities.
Everything will become favourable in a magic touch .
Fourth house indicates mother, education and vehicles. Please see that you do not hurt others with your words and see that you are on good terms with your mother.
You may have to spend some money on vehicles. Some of the expenses may even be really unnecessary. Students have to put more focus, effort and concentration to get good results. Anyhow, as Guru's vision is there from November, Ketu will adopt the nature of Guru (Jupiter) and will render the goodness of Guru.
Those who were longing to get educated in a foreign country will have good news.
Do not forget to worship your family deity. You may visit the temple of lord Vigneshwar on the day of Sankata Hara Chathurthy.
Rahu, who was in the 10 th house, is transiting to the 9 th house. Ketu is transiting to the 3 rd house from the 4 th one. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
The Ketu transit may be very beneficial for you. You will complete the basic steps for your future plans.
9 th house indicates comforts and virtues of life. Your day-to-day comforts may have to be compromised. You may get transferred to some other place where you may find it to be a little inconvenient or you may have to change your place / seat in the same premises of your work spot.
However, the small hurdles and tensions and confusions, which were bothering you won't be there. You might have been disappointed that you couldn't get what you expected at the work spot. You will be happy to learn that your dreams will come true this year!
You will get the expected benefits. Most probably you may go abroad whether you welcome it or not.
The friction between you and your mother will vanish and a good rapport will prevail hereafter or the tension, which you had about your mother's health, will be over soon.
Someone very dear to you will be a reason and cause for your improvement. Your younger siblings may need your help and you may have to rush for the same. This may lead to a good relationship between you two than ever before.
A marriage is likely to happen in your house after November 2008.
Pray to goddess Durga as regularly as possible.
Rahu who was in the 9 th house is transiting to the 8 th house from your moon sign. Ketu is transiting to the second house from the third. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
There are chances for change of address for your house and office. You will change from an ordinary and average place to a more spacious and roomy place with all sorts of comforts.
Please try to be very careful regarding your food habits. Try to keep away from venomous creatures. Be particular that you eat healthy, clean and hygienic food.
If you do not follow the good time as per your horoscope charts you may have to take treatment.
You were a bit relieved after the Saturn transit which happened 6 months ago. You were carefree too as you were released from the clutches of Saturn which held you for seven and a half years. Now Ketu has come to the same house where Saturn was.
Try to be careful not to get into any controversy. If you are careful to avoid
quarrels in the family you can avoid bitter experiences. Your bank balance may melt gradually. Anyhow everything will be rebuilt after November 2008 as Guru's aspect will come to your rescue.
A marriage is likely to happen in the family. Income will increase and the bank balance will show an upward graph again.
Pray to Goddess Durga. You may buy kumkum and offer it at a Durga temple if it is possible for you.
KATAKA/ Cancer
Rahu was in the eighth house and he is getting transiting to the seventh house. Ketu is coming to your moon sign - Kataka/ Cancer from the second place. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
You might have been upset due to expenses and tensions. Family situation also may not have been that encouraging.
You will get rid of all the above said tensions. However, please see that you do not get others into trouble! Follow a tension-free behaviour. Try to avoid hasty decisions as well as excitement.
You have to be sweet towards your subordinates. You were creating tension to others all these day due to your speech - which in turn gave you tension! You will have a courteous and humble way of talking due to Guru's aspect.
You may have some health problems regarding your skin. Don't be panicky about the same. You will overcome it by medical care.
See that the mutual respect and love towards your spouse does not get reduced. The family harmony with children and spouse will improve. However, be careful that differences do not spoil the harmony. Don't be rude towards your loved ones.
You have to be humble and show respect to the elders at home, which is equal to many remedies.
You can expect good profit/income after some hard work in the work spot. Do not lose patience.
You can expect better results after November 2008. Patience will be rewarded. Those who are in the teaching profession will be rewarded well.
Praying to lord Vigneshwar will keep you tension-free. Keep praying to Durga within your heart as many times as possible every day.
Rahu is transiting from the 7 th house to the 6 th house. Kethu is transiting to your 12 th house from your moon sign Leo. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
You can be happy and call yourself lucky because it is rare that both the (Rahu and Ketu) transits are in one's favour.
You were facing a lot of difficulties all these days. You went to the edge of frustration without knowing the next step. You are now off your problems.
The health of your spouse will improve. The problem he/she was facing will get solved. There was some barrier between both of you, which will disappear. If you were away from your family due to job, you will get united with them!
You were struggling to find a way to control expenses. Unnecessary expenses will come to an end. Lost properties will be regained. Health problems will be overcome and you will become totally healthy.
You can expect a hike in pay. Those who are in a foreign country will have a chance to meet their kith and kin.
Pray to Hanuman. It is enough.
KANNI/ Virgo
Rahu is transiting from the 6 th house to the 5 th house. Ketu is transiting to your 11 th house from the 12 th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
Ketu transit will be very much in your favour. Friends were turning foes all these days. The situation may get better. A sweet relationship may develop with a friend who in turn will be of great help to you.
Those who were going away from you due to misunderstanding may return to you.
Surgery was giving you a nightmarish threat all these days. You will heave a great sigh of relief. Slowly peace and happiness may fill your heart!
A sudden inflow of profit may be there. Those who are involved in foreign business will earn a lot of profit.
The fear in your heart may vanish and a considerable amount of self-confidence may replace the same.
Auspicious incidents were getting postponed. This will turn to happiness, as the date will be fixed for the same.
Those who are in export and import and those who are in quarry will earn a lot. You will repay your loans/debts fast. Your outstanding amount will be collected in a swift manner.
There will be slight tensions through children.
Pray to Goddess Durga on Tuesdays. You may circle the hills - any hill, any day - which will be a great remedy.
THULA/ Libra
Rahu is transiting from the 5 th house to the 4 th house. Ketu is transiting from the 11 th house to your 10 th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
You were very much pained due to the behaviour/ health of your family. Their health will improve day-by-day. You were planning to go on a pilgrimage, which was not fulfilled. There will be no more hurdles.
The misunderstanding with your offspring will end. There will be a friendly relationship with them. The medical expenses for the family members will considerably reduce.
Those who were longing for a baby will be blessed with one. That day is not far away.
It is better to give special attention towards the health of your mother. It is still better to give due respect to her. It is up to you to avoid any type of quarrel with family members - especially with your mother.
Responsibilities will increase in the office. Those who have applied abroad and are waiting will have happy results.
Good new is almost at an arm's length. Anyhow you will have slight disappointment as you may not have a proportionate income to your effort hard work.
However by the end of November, you will get foreign income and paternal properties.
Pray to Goddess Durga everyday.
Rahu is transiting from the 4 th house to the 3 rd house. Ketu is transiting from the 10 th house to your 9 th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
Rahu transit will be very much in your favour.
There will be a good relationship with your mother after last year's tensions with her. The tensions due to her health will also subside. Peace and happiness will prevail at home after a long gap!
You will render your help to your younger sister/ brother, which will help you to overcome the strained relationship with him/her. There will be mutual benefits from siblings. An auspicious incident will happen in the house after November 2008.
You may have to travel in an inconvenient mode or stay in an uncomfortable place. Anyhow the success of the trip will outshine any difficulty!
You are likely to shift your house/office, which is going to be aesthetically beautiful after September 2008.
You will be benefited by siblings in a perennial manner.
Pray to Vigneshwar in whatever ways you can.
DANUSU /Sagittarius
Rahu is transiting from the 3 rd house to the 2 nd house. Ketu is coming to your 8 th house from the 9 th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
There will not be any problem as long as you are extra careful.
Please do not think anyone is inferior. Try to adjust with everyone around as far as possible. It is better to adjust with even those who treat you like a foe.
You have to be very careful about your health. Try to avoid unhygienic water and food. Eat things which will go well with your health.
It is better to prevent than to cure. You may take extra care like exercise and yoga as a precautionary method.
Do not hurt anyone with your words. Please don't do it even for a joke. If someone compels you to commit a sin you better keep away from them. You may be victimized for the deeds of others. Be careful. Don't leave your responsibilities with others or take up others' responsibilities on your shoulders.
Business people will flourish as hurdles will be overcome.
Pray to Vigneshwar by lighting a lamp for him every day. Chant the hymns of Goddess Durga continuously.
MAKARA/ Capricorn
Rahu is transiting from the 2 nd house to your moon sign. Ketu is transiting from the 8 th house to your 7th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009)
Take care of your health very carefully. Ladies may have problem regarding menstrual cycles. You have to be a little careful regarding health matters.
Parents will be of great help. You are likely to spend a fairly good sum for a happy expenditure like purchase of a house/ apartment / ground.
You may have to take much effort to execute your plans. But the final result will be successful.
You may have to take up fresh extra responsibilities in the office. The remuneration will reach you after a little delay. Be prepared for the same.
You may have to keep secrets under your cap.
Never sign for any surety. Keep your fingers crossed till November 2008. You may chant or play Lalitha Sahasranamam if possible.
KUMBA/ Aquarius
Rahu is transiting from your moon sign to your 12 th house. Ketu is transiting from your 7 th house to your 6th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009).
Both of them are in your favour. Already Guru is in a favourable position as per the latest transit. Thus you may expect a lot of benefits. You were vexed due to the flow of expenses. Bad elements might have made you their puppet. Or you might have foregone a good relationship with good-hearted people. You might have treated them like foes. You will not repeat such mistakes hereafter. You will start realizing who is who.
There was an unnecessary misunderstanding between you and your spouse. You might have been separated. There will be a big full stop for all these negative happenings. The lost harmony in the family will be regained.
It is enough if you just pray to your family deity.
MEENA/ Pisces
Rahu is transiting from your 12 th house to your 11 th house. Ketu is transiting from your 6 th house to your 5th house. These planets will be here for the next one and a half years. (Approximately till October 2009).
Rahu transit will give you great benefits and profits.
You were very much worried as there were unnecessary expenses and things were lost. Those days are over.
The tension caused by ill health and the fear of surgery will not be there anymore. There may be a change of city/address. Students may have to take much more efforts. But they will be sure to be successful due to that.
Don't involve in gossip, especially in the office.
You may have some tension due to the behaviour of children. Their efforts may be experience hurdles for some time. Nothing can stop their happiness after November 2008.
Your plans of pilgrimage were facing hurdles all these days. There will not be any more of them.
You can expect favourable results in legal matters. Never sue proactively.
Officially you will have a friendly relationship. Opportunity for gradual improvements in life will knock on your door. Try to make the best out of opportunities.
Try to take some rest and take care of your health in spite of your hard work.
Pray to Lord Vigneshwar constantly.

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