Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Guide To Caring For Diamonds

Now that you have made a special purchase you should learn how to care for your diamonds and learn how to clean your diamond jewelry. Also learning how to store your diamonds and diamond jewelry securely between wearing and when traveling will keep your diamond clean and secure, so make your best effort of storing your jewelry.
Why should you clean your diamonds?
Keep your diamond clean so they don't get soiled from such things as lotions, powders, soaps and even natural skin oils. Learning how to clean your diamond jewelry will keep your diamonds clean and sparkling. Cleaning diamonds only requires a little time to keep your diamonds brilliant.
There are several diamond cleaning methods to choose from for cleaning your diamonds and diamond jewelry.
Diamond Cleaning Method 1.
Quick Dip Method: Purchase a brand-name liquid jewelry cleaner with its kit included. Read the given label and simply follow its instructions. Make sure you don't touch your clean diamond and handle it with care.
Diamond Cleaning Method 2.
Detergent Wash: Make a homemade jewelry cleaner by using a small bowl or a sink with warm water and any mild liquid detergent that is used around the home. Proceed to brush the pieces with an eyebrow brush (or a similar substation such as a toothbrush) while they are being soaked. Then you should transfer the diamond jewelry to a strainer and then proceed to rinsing it off with warm water and you will have cleaner diamond jewelry.
Diamond Cleaning Method 3.
Ultrasonic Cleaner: The ultrasonic cleaner is a small machine that will clean any piece of jewelry that can be dipped in a liquid base. The ultrasonic cleaner normally consist of a metal cup that is filled with any cleaning solution. When the machine is turned on ultrasonic frequency motions begin the cleaning process. Each ultrasonic cleaner may not have the same features or methods so make sure you read the instructions very carefully before you begin using it. NOT all gemstones can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner!
Diamond Cleaning Method 4.
Or you can see your local jeweler.
Putting Your Diamonds Away
Even when you're not wearing diamonds and precious diamond jewelry, they still require some attention, so storing your diamond jewelry is very important.
You should keep your diamond jewelry in a box with compartment separating the jewelry or in a jewel case lined with fabric so they don't scratch. You shouldn't clutter your diamond jewelry in a drawer or jewelry case, because diamonds can scratch other jewelry so it is important to separate your diamond jewelry to assure that this does not occur.

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