Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Listening to iPod may no longer risk hearing-loss
Fearing that listening to your iPod at high volumes could damage your hearing? Worry not, for scientists have now found the key to protect your ear.
Corrective surgery on high risk diabetic foot patients
The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre claimed that it was the only Center in Asia, where various corrective surgeries are being performed.
Abnormal heart function reduces exercise capacity
Abnormal heart function greatly reduces a person's ability to exercise, according to a new study.
Drinking heavily early in a pregnancy ups premature birth risk
Women who drink heavily early in a pregnancy - possibly before they know they are expecting - may be increasing the risk of premature delivery, according to a new study.
Relaxation helps in maintaining weight
Obese women have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight if they incorporate a little relaxation into their lifestyle, says a new study.
Food ads promoting unhealthy lifestyles: Study
A British study has found that food advertisements in magazines promoting healthier lifestyles are often contradicting the messages they are trying to put across.
Less severe first heart attacks linked to decreased mortality rates
People on low-carb diets burn more excess liver fat
Scientists engineer plant cells to churn out anti-cancer compound
A 'memory pill' to boost brain power soon
Genes 'explain' why some drinkers and smokers die young
Eating fish, bread and cereals makes kids smarter
Salt reduction may offer cardioprotective effects
Eating a single chocolate bar can cause problems for future generations
Walking 2hrs daily can cut breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women
Riding on horseback eases back pain, boosts confidence
That rash may just be kawasaki
Eating with chopsticks can help you lose weight
The virtues of vaccination
India’s mothers need protection too
Keep healthy and remain fit
Six most common sex myths busted
Adaptation plays a significant role in human evolution
New oral vaccine for cholera soon
Losing memory? A thyroid test might be your answer

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