Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give Us Your Best Tips

Olive oil as a deep skin moisturizer. Try it! Use the greenest oil you can find. I've been doing this for years now (just turned 54) as a low-cost alternate to more expensive beauty products.

If you like cream in your coffee - try Silk. They make a soymilk version of creamer. It is so good and you don't feel guilty drinking the extra calories!
Olive oil works great on dry skin, but who wants to smell like a Greek Deli? I discovered that when you add a few drops of rosemary oil to it, it smells wonderful.
The best tip I have works for everyone it just takes a lot of self control. Don't buy the foods that are your personal downfall. If you can't stop at 1 oreo then don't buy a pack, get a small one single serving like the size for a lunch box as a treat once in a while. You can over indulge if it's not in the house and I know I will not get dressed after getting home from work to go buy cookies or ice cream. I keep butter free popcorn or healthy snacks that I like around and just don't buy the items I know I will eat all in one or two sittings.

I have dry skin and found that using cold pressed olive oil in my bath and drinking a tablespoon a day has given me the relief I need. I have a sluggish thyroid,it has been hard to find something that worked on me and I found that your body loves the olive oil and it seems that your skin will feel like new and not greasy.

Honey! It is a super food! I feel that it is a secret weapon for healthy living and reaching your goal weight or fitness level. I use it in my coffee and tea, and also in place of sugar in recipes. Less than a year ago I was 180 lbs and a size 14. Now I am less than 135 lbs and a size 4!!! Thanks to nutritious foods, especially honey, and exercise 3 to 4 days a week.
I bought a body brush several months ago. This was by far the best thing I have ever bought. This brush is used before you bath and any time you want to exfoliate your body. I feel that my body looks better, feels better, and the circulation is amazing. I really hate the back of my legs I feel that I have a lot of cellulite and it makes me sick! This brush really helped smooth my legs.
For the best shave ever use baby oil, this may screw up a razor but just use the disposable ones. This is the best way to get a smooth and moisturized shave.
To add a punch and protein to your coffee, add protein powder, such as a vanilla flavor instead of creamer, add more to get several grams of protein. This is a fast and simple way to get some protein in before a workout or if your in a rush out of the house. Also use splenda for the sweetener.
For the tough stains in clothes such as cooking oil, wine, tomato sauce: use dawn dish soap and leave on spot until you wash it. If you forget to add before you wash it, try it the next time you wash it. I was saved many items with this amazing trick.
When cleaning silver jewelry try this easy way:Line a dish with alumni foilAdd a fourth of a cup of baking soda to the dish and place the jewelry in dish. Then add hot boiling water; let set a couple of minutes then dry off the item. While drying use the towel to polish while you dry the item.

Baking soda in your laundry water, (rinse or wash) softens the water and you have no need of expensive softner. I buy big bags of it at Sam's Club. I use it to clean my stove, sink, frig, toliet, whiten my teeth, stop itches, in the pool during summer, with a slice of lemon to clean burnt pans & my cutting board. It's cheap and I use it on almost everything. I don't buy anything else but cheap laundry soap & Dawn dishwashing liquid. I use Baking Soda for everthing thing else that needs cleaning.
coca cola will remove any grease stains
A nice low cal coffee trick is to add cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa, and splenda, stevia, or agave syrup and a splash of nonfat milk. Yummm
Stay active all year round. I hate it when people make a new years resolution to get in shape but then only work-out for 2 months after january 1st. It's important internally and externally to always stay active. Our bodies were made to work hard not to be sedentary. I work at a health club and I love it. Stop thinking about it and just do it! Make it fun too! Try a new class, run, hike, weight train, dance, swim, what you love and you'll be more likely to stick to it.
Every night my husband I have have ice cream. The trick though is to eat Eddy's Slow Churned, which has about 1/2 the fat of others, and put it in a cake cone, not a bowl. We found it'll last you 10 times longer and you'll enjoy it more, without wanting to eat more! He's kept off 40lbs and I've kept off about 15lbs.

Each night before bed, I have been applying pure lemon juice all over my freshly washed face. The difference I have already seen in 7 nights is unbelieveable. My acne is clearing up better than any other treatment I have tried.
If you ever get sores in your mouth, no matter what they are, put honey on it! On canker sores, or ulcers, or whatever, that seems like it just won't go away.Honey works awesome. You'll wake up one day and realize that it's gone! And you won't have noticed it!And its yummy! Just try not to lick it all off as soon as you put it on!

Hate dieting? Dont. Diets don't work because they either deprive your body of what it really needs or give it something it does not need or even recognize as food. My entire adult life has been spent trying different diets but nothing worked. Then, I read up on how the body metabolizes and realized that food is nothing but fuel and I had been very misinformed. I found that the "Zone" diet program (don't be fooled by the word "diet"'s no diet, just a lifestyle change back to what your body actually needs) is the closest fit. It's extremely easy to follow and maintain and I eat more now than I ever had and am leaner, more sculpted, and more satiated too!
Need an energy kick? I add cayenne pepper to all of my favorite snacks. Not only does it give me a great boost in my energy, but the added spiciness keeps me from eating too much, too fast. Quick & Easy: Keep a small container at work or in your purse, add to a bag of mixed nuts, a boiled egg, or to your meals.
Too cold? Drinking room-temperature water helps your body absorb it faster (or so I've read). Ditch the ice and drink more for more energy throughout the day.
I use olive oil as a moisturizer in cooler months. Rub it on your skin while it's still wet from the shower, leave for a minute or two, then rub off with a towel. My skin feels totally soft and smooth, but not greasy!

Makeup remover can be so expensive, I use vaseline (petroleum jelly) to take off my makeup. All the residue just glides off, and it keeps your skin moisturized after wards!

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