Sunday, January 18, 2009

Socialising Is The Best Way To Improve Personality

Practising In Front Of The Mirror
Q. I think I am a very good communicator, but whenever I face an interview, my mind gets blocked. As I have quite a good personality so people expect much more from me; but due to my nervousness I cannot fulfil their expectations. I am 26 yrs old, academically very sound and hard working, but due to this problem I cannot clear my interview.
ANS ---Please do write down your feelings of nervousness and read them over and over again - 3/4 times and destroy the writings. Practice this 10 / 15 times - writing the feelings every time you feel nervous. Next, check yourself in the mirror and practice talking in front of the mirror. Try and socialise and go to formal functions. Outings are a must for you. Please try the above.
Strengthen Your Qualities
Q How do I develop a personality as good as others? And realize that I have achieved enough? How should I avoid getting angry and make my life fully satisfactory? Can you give some good ideas?
ANS -Why do you wish to be like others? Please find your own qualities and weaknesses. Wherever and whatever you feel good about are your positive qualities. Pursue those. Grow on your strengths and rectify your short comings. Try to develop communication skills, dress well and circulate with people.
Work On Your Weaknesses
Q .-I am 30 years old housewife and mother of 4 years old child. My problem is whenever somebody says some thing bad or criticises me I immediately feel guilty about those comments without thinking whether that person was right or wrong? Please help me to remove this guilt. I keep thinking about those comments all day. This keeps me mentally upset.
ANS ---Please write down such feelings and read them and then destroy the writing. It really helps, as the thoughts will get emptied as you write them down. Appreciate yourself and keep busy in activities.

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