Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One of human weaknesses in Futures Trading is having emotion. If futures traders are controlled by their emotions, the future trading activities are based on greed and fear. If futures investors are affected by greed and fear, we would have a stressful trading life. If we take profit, we are not happy, because it is too small and if we are losing, we are not happy because we are losing money. This situation is faced by many futures traders and mostly would lead into giving up the futures trading. They would think that futures trading is not the right invest tool for them.Greed and fear means no trading systemPlease evaluate your futures trading activities, are they controlled by your emotion, in term of greed and fear ? if yes, then you don't have any good trading systems. Why ? because if you do have it, you would trade based on the trading system, right ? not based on your emotions. So, if you don't have a good futures trading system, please find it first before continuing your futures trading activities.

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