Saturday, February 28, 2009

The whole truth of fruit juices

Sent by - S hruti Aggarwal

Despite all this good news about the health benefits of fruit juices.
People drink so much of it, wanting to be healthy. But the calories can be substantial.If you are going to have a glass of orange juice in the morning, have only two slices of toast instead of three. That’s one way to approach it.
Fruit juices also lack the fibre of the actual fruits themselves even if they contain pulp.This is why nutritionists recommend fruit juices become a part of your regular fruit intake but not replace whole fruits entirely. Combining whole fruits in a blender with store-bought juices is yet another way to boost the fibre content in your drinks.
When considering daily fruit intake, here are the rules:
No more than two fruit servings daily should come from juices.
Vary them throughout the week, while mixing in whole fruits. This way you will garner the double benefits of a healthy diet that’s convenient as well.

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