Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thought for the day

Every Drop's a Dream
If each grain of sand were to say: One grain does not make a mountain, there would be no land.
If each drop of water were to say: One drop does not make an ocean, there would be no sea.
If each note of music were to say: Each note does not make a symphony, there would be no melody.
If each word were to say: One word does not make a library, there would be no book.
If each brick were to say: One brick does not make a wall,
there would be no house.
If each seed were to say: One seed does not make a field,
there would be no harvest.
If each of us were to say: One person does not make the difference,
there would never be love and peace on earth.
You and I do make the difference. Begin today and make the difference.

Save(Do Not Waste)Water,
Petrol & Electricity

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