Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fight Inflammation

Sent by - Shikha Aggarwal
Inflammation is your immune systems response to an “insult”-an injury like a cut – pulled muscle etc...
So, where you are bound to get paper cuts, pull a muscle, or catch a cold or two, so there’s no way , nor is there reason, to avoid inflammation altogether.By choosing a healthy lifestyle, you can quell existing inflammation and prevent future inflammation from developing.
Get started today with this inflammation fighting plan.
Watch your weightKeeping your weight in check is crucial for preventing inflammation.
Eat smartA diet high in sugar and bad fats particularly fatty acids can cause major inflammation. Avoid intake of fast foods. Spice up your meals with ginger and turmeric; studies show that both spices have strong antioxidant properties.
Clear the airTwo of the biggest pollution culprits are crowded urban areas and gas burning stoves. If you can find and area to live in that has high air-quality ratings and switch to electric energy.
Be happy
Get movingExercise daily to maintain a healthy weight

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