Saturday, February 7, 2009


-Pride of India Collection-

INDIA - The seventh largest country in the world. Its fast-growing economy. Home to the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley, the Taj Mahal, Mother Teresa, the philosophy of Gandhism, and myriad schools of art and architecture.
The symbols of India's greatness are as numerous as they are diverse. And nothing illustrates them better than Indian postage stamps.

For over 60 years, Indian stamps have paid tribute to the great men and women that shaped the country, and marked each historic step on the way to progress.
Now, in unique celebration of these distinguished figures and defining moments, 25 stamps have been chosen to be preserved forever as engraved solid pure silver ingots, layered with pure 24-carat gold. The Pride of India Collection is the first and most important stamp ingot collection ever produced for India. It is a treasured heirloom to be passed from one generation to another.
The 'Pride of India' collection is the latest addition to the international scene, and celebrates the unique culture and history of the world's greatest democracy, and the emergence of India as a world power.
The highest quality, each precious image has been sculpted by the world's finest artists and minted by Swiss craftsmen.
Pure silver ingots (Swiss .999) are placed in a huge 360 ton minting press and struck with massive pressure to bring out every tiny details of the original design. Perforations are precision diamond cut, and each stamp ingot is layered with pure 24-carat gold to create a perfect golden masterpiece.
(Each Stamp Ingot is 2.2mm thick, with diamond cut perforations.)
The 'The Pride of India' Collection is a strictly limited edition of only 7,500 complete collections worldwide. It is not available in any store or Post Office, but only by subscription through this special offer.
Once the edition limit is reached, the dies will be defaced so they can never be used again. These master dies, along with Set No. 1, will be permanently displayed at the National Postal Museum in New Delhi.
Each stamp ingot will vary in size to conform to the original stamp,

Source - India Post

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