Sunday, March 1, 2009

Auspicious pose

Sent by - Shikha Aggarwal

Sit a simple, cross-legged pose.Adjust your feet: place your right sole against the left thigh.Using your hands, pull up the left foot, so the left sole is now against the right thigh.
If you feel the ankle bones on shin, just place a small towel in between to cushion the contact.You may find it comfortable to sit on a small cushion or a rolled up Yoga mat.Sit with the back erect for a few minutes, with eyes shut.
Avoid: all such cross-legged poses if having a severe lower back problem or knee pain.Benefits:
This cuts off the blood flow to the legs and redirects it to the brain, calming it tremendously.Is soothing for those who have been on their feet for long.Relieves fluid retention.Is a powerful distressed pose.

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