Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time, yoga and yourself

Sent by- P.Holani

Who ever seems to have enough time? And yet, time can widen to accommodate our needs. All it takes is a few moments to slow down and become more present and mindful. Time can be like an accordion, expanding and contracting, but it will expand the more we are able to be deeply present in each moment.

Try this soothing meditation whenever you feel stressed for time. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe… Settle into the present, for this is where all life really takes place. Each moment carries you into the next… Each moment different from the one before -- alive anew, fresh experience.

Feel yourself settling down and relaxing in to the present -- welcoming the moment -- completely present, letting go of what was or what might be, being in the moment.

Breathe… your breath can always keep you present… just as gravity holds all in Earth's embrace. The present is the gravity that holds us in time's embrace… When you breathe, relax. Time carries you.

Imagine moving through your life fully present in each moment; as you open to each moment, each moment expands and opens to you -- welcomes you. Each moment carrying you to the next -- welcoming life… Only in present time can life be appreciated … Let go into the embrace of present time.


Each time you exhale, you settle into the present -- even more than before. Share in the presence of breath, of energy … Simply be with your breath. With each breath you settle more and more into the present… more of you settles. All of you present. Whole. Be aware of your exhalations. Follow your exhalations. Imagine following your exhalations moving out from your body . . Breath moves out into the expanses of space. Breathe.

Follow your breath. Imagine that your exhalations carry you into the expanses of space. Imagine it. Each time you exhale your horizons extend further and further. Breathe.

Follow your exhalations… Horizons expand--lots of space, infinite space… Breathe. Follow your breath… Quiet… Expansive.

So expansive… There is room for anything, room for everything. Follow your breath into the infinity of space. Quiet… Expansive…

Just as there is lots of space, experience how there is lots of time--all the time you need… As you follow your breath, experience the broadening of time… Sense how this is. You have all the time in the world--you always do… As you rest in breath, feel time open up… With each exhalation you settle into the present… Openness happens… Breath opens. Space opens… Time opens… With each exhalation, time and space expand out as you settle in. Sense this… Witness how as breath opens, space opens; time opens… Relax into time … Time carries you. Relax into it… lots and lots of time … All the time you need. It is true. In the present, time is infinite. Inhabit time. Don't chase it. Relax into it… It carries you. Time brings the gift of the future. Time holds the past. Time is a gift. Be friendly to it… Time carries you; relax into it. You needn't chase after it or try to get ahead of it. Relax into it and it supports you, carries you…

Time is generous. You always have all the time you need. It is true. In the present, time is infinite… In the present there is room for life. The present is where life lives… As you exhale, send your breath to those place in your life that feel cramped… Imagine that your breath opens space there… Lots and lots of space. Expansive. Breathe…

Dr. Vivek Nigam - Obesity Specialist


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