Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Answer To Every Question

Sent by - Shruti Aggarwal

An Essay by Christine Schaefer

Love is the answer to every question.

Why are we here? Love.
Where do we come from? Love.
How do we create world peace? Love.
It may sound overly simplistic to the modern human being, since we are want to analyze andlook for complex answers to questions. We don’t believe that life is simple and the answers to its problems can also be simple: love.
In truth, what are anger, sadness, pain but the soul’sdesire for love?
If we learn to love ourselves without reservation, and to love the world in the same way, the answer is simple. It is impossible, when filled with love, to be aggressive or hate-filled or violent.
When we know that we are beautiful and wonderful, we see the world through those eyes. We see the beauty and wonder in all things around us.
We don’t need to look outside ourselves for the love we seek. It has been there all along. It is the voice of our self-esteem. It is our anger saying, ‘hey this is not right for me. I don’t want this in my life any longer.’
Self-love is saying no to abuse and betrayal. It is wanting the very best for yourself and accepting only that in your life. It is healing the wounds that you have carried all your life.
Self-love is walking away from those who mistreat you, knowing that you deserve better. It is taking the risk to pursue the career that will bring you joy. It is listening to your own inner voice – the one that will always guide you to what is best. It is trusting in yourself completely.
Self-love is following that little voice within that says, ‘ooh I want to do that today.’ Sometimes it means ignoring the voice of 'shoulds' and 'have-tos.' It is believing that, when you seek what you desire and fill yourself with joy, you will also be spreading that joy to those around you.
Love will fill you up so you will know there is nothing missing in your life.Love will lead you to every answer.


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    Valdemir Reis

  2. Hello Mister India
    I'm reading your "Love-post", would it not be great if we all only look for love and feel comfort with that.
    So what is love then!? is it a being or an emotion?


  3. Congratulations for the blog.